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The Idea was born from the desperation of finding a tyre retailer that took the time to find the right product for their customer, cared for your car as much as theirs, and that supported the enthusiast community to better it.

In 2016 they opened the garage door on DHF. Instead of a focus on profiting from their customers at any cost, the boys decided they would focus on their passion for performance. With a philosophy that any recommendations they would make would always be what was best for the car enthusiast and their set up, and not what was best for their bottom line, DHF has earned their reputation as the go-to specialists for tyres, wheels and suspension needs.


If you're a car person looking for performance, we're the car people for you.

I couldn't name a better place to ship coils and fit them. Organised with a bloke called 'Dinuk' he quickly prepared a quote to ship the coils. On the day of the arrival, him and his fellow workers did amazing job of fitting and supplying my coils with an included alignment. Make sure you hit Dinuka up, you'll never meet a friendlier bloke to deal with.


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